The IBM Selectric Typewriter and Kenyon House: “You must have been drunk!”

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Did you know that Poughkeepsie Day School now has a Fab Lab? It’s short for fabrication laboratory – a place where people tinker, design, code, create, re-purpose, mess about, invent, make  and play with stuff.

It’s right off the Chapman Room. It’s in the pilot and prototype stage but we are already seeing results.

Do you know what this is?

Did you know it changed the world of work for millions of people.

Do you know it was created in Kenyon House?

So this is mushroom type head for the IBM Selectra typewriter and it was designed right here in the Kenyon basement.

Read the story below.

I love this story for all kinds of

I love the story of Thomas Watson managing and leading by walking around and asking questions.

I love knowing the tradition of creativity, team-work, innovation and tinkering of the building in which I work.

I love the thought that Poughkeepsie Day School is continuing that legacy not just in the Fab Lab but throughout the curriculum.

So – here’s the story:



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