When it comes to studying: Consistency is not your friend

Many thanks to the @theASIDEblog for alerting me to this simple advice for learners (aka all of us):

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 6.49.03 AM


  1. This is very interesting. I see this with my son when he is studying or writing or reading and sometimes he likes to sit at the kitchen table, sometimes he sits cross-legged on the sofa, sometimes he lays on his bed and sometimes he’s out on the porch on the bench. Instinctively, he must know this…something that PDS instills – that inner knowing of what works for the individual.

  2. Scott:

    The experiment as it was presented in this video, does not indicate that consistency contributed to the lower score or inconsistency contributed to the higher score. It could be that brighter lighting was the factor that improved the scores. There needed to be a group that studied only in the brightly lit room to rule that out.

  3. Jenny Davis:

    Yes. It is not the best constructed piece of research at least not as presented in the video. I suspect there’s much more to the actual study.

  4. My thought was about about the required studying task which was memorizing a list of four-letter words. I wonder about the impact on more complex and multi-faceted problem-solving tasks that require creativity, imagination and involve critical choice making.

    I do think that changing up the environment as an aid to whatever kind of mental work makes excellent sense. Just going out for a walk is a great aid to thinking, imagination, perspective and solution finding.

    Thanks Christine, Scott, and Jenny for your comments.

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