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Cats sleep anywhere,

Sleeping is one of the things cats do best. Which is lucky because it limits the number of minutes and hours in the day that  the cat plugs into the socket and goes on a wired rampage of electric energy. […] 

Siracusa: “My sins are all mortal.”

Caravaggio is one of the bad boys in the history of art with a biography so outlandish it reads like fiction. When he arrived in Sicily in 1608 he was wanted for murder in Rome and had brawled his way […] 

Higher standards. Please.


The Great Cat Drop: Take this Test of Critical Thinking

We are all very fond of talking about critical thinking. But what does it actually mean? In the classroom, in reality, in our lives? And how is such a skill developed? Awash with information, how do we determine truth, integrity […] 

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