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The Welsh have a word for it: Dysgeidliaeth

The Welsh have one word for it: dysgeidliaeth. It means teaching and it means learning. And of course that is what good teaching is:  learning. But how to pronounce it? Any speakers of Welsh out there who can help […] 

The Lone Starfish

Over on the other side of the world at Leading and Learning in New Zealand, Bruce Hammonds has posted this picture of a starfish on the beach for his end of year post. It refers to the story of the […] 


Earlier this month I saw a remarkable production staged in the James Earl Jones Theater at PDS: the Shakespeare Central Study Elective performance of Macbeth. The players from grades 7-12 had chosen this from a variety of electives and spent […] 

Boxes: Part 1

Why do I stand here? I stand on my desk to remind myself that we must constantly force ourselves to look at things differently The world looks different from up here. If you don’t believe it, stand up here and […] 

Education delivery system – 17th century style

Packages and parcels get delivered, learning does not. Consider the two Time magazine covers in the previous post. The one from 1965 shows a funnel through which all manner of things are being poured into the school. Much like the […] 

Plus ça change, c’est la même chose – only faster

The one thing about which all educators are in agreement is that yesterday’s education no longer suffices for today. The rate of technological change and the development of new information is so great that educators scarcely know what to make […] 

Leadership or Leadersheep?

Who is the leader? Is it the driver in the car held up by the flock? The shepherd with his stick? The border collies with their sharp teeth? Somewhere, just out of sight, are the lead sheep – heading for […] 

Picasso the Brand

Last weekend I visited the Guggenheim for the exhibit Spanish Painting from El Greco to Picasso: Time, Truth, and History. As the paintings were arranged thematically, rather than chronologically, is was possible to see connections and influences in a more direct way. […] 

A Rising Tide

They say that a rising tide gathers no moss. Or is that the rolling stone? Anyway – if that rising tide keeps rising, what happens to boats firmly moored and anchored to the harbor bed?          

Spam and the Middle Ages

Several recent news stories have bemoaned what every email user already knows – spam is on the march and filling up the inbox. There is a spam arms race going on and the spammers are currently winning. “It will only […] 

The single sex fad

It’s good to see some counter viewpoints to the recent spate of publicity promoting single-sex education as the panacea for what ails education and schooling. This short piece from Slate raises the good questions about some of the support for […] 

“All others bring data”

I am old enough to remain in awe of the connectivity of the internet. It reminds me of the excitement I felt as a child – tuning into the world on the family wireless shortwave band – music from North […] 

The hole in the wall

I learnt to use paint, calculator, see various places through the Internet, solve puzzles, play games, listen interesting sounds and songs. (T.R. Ravi, age 12, Kalludevanahalli kiosk, Karnataka, India) Back at the dawn of time (well, 1993) Seymour Papert* named […] 

Creativity: Part Two “I’m drawing God”

A child was working diligently on a drawing in art class. The teacher asked what the drawing was. The girl replied, “I’m drawing God.” The teacher paused and said, “But no one knows what God looks like.” Without missing a […] 

Creativity: Part One

Creative Societies need Creative People. If the thinkers and business people like Daniel Pink and Tom Peters have it right then the key attributes for success in the future are the ability to learn and relearn, and the ability to […] 

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