Nine Commitments and One New Tool

I’ve recently discovered Haiku Deck – a new way to create slide presentations. It’s an interesting tool for finding images that are in the public domain and matched with the words you enter. You can also upload your own images.

The PDS strategic plan has nine learning commitments. These are the nine beliefs about learning that underpin the school’s commitment to classroom practice, pedagogy and curriculum.  They are that learning is: Playful, Deliberate, Social, Active, Relevant, Empathetic, Permeable, Deep and Self-correcting.

I set out to illustrate them using images I found on the site. I was then able to export this to Powerpoint and mix and match with other slides. In the end I swapped most of the images with my photographs.  And then I exported it to iMovie. This is the end result of this first foray.

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