What’s Changed?

What’s changed? Pretty much everything.

A question to get going with:
Shopping and information then and now: If you want the best dishwasher or digital camera or know how to remove turmeric stains from linen or why there’s a sudden infestation of ladybugs – where would you go to figure it out?

And for most people the answer would be: online.

What did not change in that equation was the desire for the product and information. And wanting to be informed.

But let’s not confuse the map with the territory and destination.

In school technology changes everything. And nothing. Children are the same. But they experience the world differently than a generation ago. Fortunately we have some amazing and empowering tools to help us to fulfill our mission to develop educated citizens with a passion for learning and living. And the tools are all around us, and them. The question is – are the tools in use? Or in digital detention?

It’s not about the tools – just as it never was – but the learning, the meaning, and the purpose. And it’s not just about doing things more efficiently or faster – it’s about agency and access, empowerment and transformation.

And for a reminder of just how much has changed in the way we conduct our, here is a quick slide show memory jolt from Dangerously Irrelevant on the pace and breadth of technological impact on (almost) every aspect of life, work, and leisure

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