Two Lorries

Two Lorries 

It’s raining on black coal and warm wet ashes.
There are tyre-marks in the yard, Agnew’s old lorry
Has all its cribs down and Agnew the coalman
With his Belfast accent’s sweet-talking my mother.
Would she ever go to a film in Magherafelt?
But it’s raining and he still has half the load

To deliver farther on. This time the lode
Our coal came from was silk-black, so the ashes
Will be the silkiest white. The Magherafelt
(Via Toomebridge) bus goes by. The half-stripped lorry
With its emptied, folded coal-bags moves my mother:
The tasty ways of a leather-aproned coalman!

And films no less! The conceit of a coalman…
She goes back in and gets out the black lead
And emery paper, this nineteen-forties mother,
All business round her stove, half-wiping ashes
With a backhand from her cheek as the bolted lorry
Gets revved and turned and heads for Magherafelt

And the last delivery. Oh, Magherafelt!
Oh, dream of red plush and a city coalman
As time fastforwards and a different lorry
Groans into shot, up Broad Street, with a payload
That will blow the bus station to dust and ashes…
After that happened, I’d a vision of my mother,

A revenant on the bench where I would meet her
In that cold-floored waiting room in Magherafelt,
Her shopping bags full up with shovelled ashes.
Death walked out past her like a dust-faced coalman
Refolding body-bags, plying his load
Empty upon empty, in a flurry

Of motes and engine-revs, but which lorry
Was it now? Young Agnew’s or that other,
Heavier, deadlier one, set to explode
In a time beyond her time in Magherafelt…
So tally bags and sweet-talk darkness, coalman,
Listen to the rain spit in new ashes

As you heft a load of dust that was Magherafelt,
Then reappear from your lorry as my mother’s
Dreamboat coalman filmed in silk-white ashes.

by Seamus Heaney

Tom J. Coates. Coal Merchant. 1941

Paul Schofield, Coal Man 2008

Fred Williams (1927–1982), Coal Delivery 1955

Charles M. Jones, Coal Delivery Man 1989.

‘Coalman on Gladstone Street’ by Jack Holmes
A 1950’s coalman with his truck in Keighley, West Yorkshire

The Troubles, Jan Yates, 2013

Delivery, 2006
 Paddy McCann

Now and then across the street from the studio I worked in, I would observe the delivery of coffins to an undertaker. The deliveryman on his own would carry them in on his back. Perhaps later that evening or night, you would see on the tv news the same undertakers drive away from the scene of a killing with a victim perhaps in one of these coffins.

Explosion, 1993 Victor Sloan

Victor Sloan produced this series after the Irish Republican Army exploded a bomb, estimated at 1,000 pounds, in the town centre of Portadown, County Armagh on 22 May 1993

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