Train your Brain: The Science of Learned Optimism

I had the pleasure today of hearing Shawn Achor speak on the topic of happiness and the science of positive psychology and school success. Just as there is learned helplessness there can also be learned optimism. It’s all to do with mirror neurons and other good brain stuff. Happiness can be a choice – a bracing antidote to doom and gloom and a necessity in times of difficulty and stress.

Shawn Achor has earned many distinguished teaching awards at Harvard University where he is the Head Teaching Fellow for the most popular course at Harvard: “Positive Psychology”.

But – you don’t have to be a head of school and travel all the way to Mohonk to hear Shawn Achor. Here is a link to his site that has three You Tube video clips of his presentation. His talk is entertaining and full of good research backing up the practical ways to train your brain for happiness. And of course it is all very positive. Lots of implications here for schools as well as all other organizations, companies and businesses.

Happiness it turns out actually matters in school and elsewhere. Happiness builds intellectual resources. (Connect joy to learning!) So – sit back to learn about how happiness can be a strategic advantage and practical ways to retrain your brain. Watch.

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