The Compass Point – Time to Re-Wire, Time to Re-Name

Those ever-attentive to such details may have noticed that this blog has a new title. Sort of.

I started this blog when I became head of school. At that time I rather foolishly assumed that it would have a small but rather captive readership within the school community. But people are really busy and don’t have the discretionary time to read blogs. And then a small number of other people started to read it and they were from all over.

I called the it “The Compass Point” because the compass is the long-time logo of Poughkeepsie Day School. (Hence the school’s sports and tech teams’ name – the Navigators). I was primarily interested in promoting the school and sharing its story, values, history and philosophy with a wider audience.

So the compass concept belongs to the school and not to me. And that means I am in search of a new blog name. I have a tagline taken from the warning labels of the fireworks of my childhood: “Light the blue touch paper” – words that then were often followed by “and retire immediately”.

Seems timely as it is fun to imagine lighting things up!

As for a new name … well, any good ideas? All suggestions welcome.

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  1. Hi Josie- How about just “Time to Re-Wire”? I really like that choice of yours, and it has a rhyming ring to it with a different “re” word. Enjoy the new path, and I will be reading! -Marcy

  2. Hey Marcy – Thanks for the suggestion! And Hope your summer is off to a great start. – J

  3. I love the logo “Pathfinder” — sounds suitable enough to me — no doubt you will come up w/ something clever. All the best to you, Josie! Karen
    Karen Teich´s last blog post ..We The Jury ~ And Then There Were Six Part III

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