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Palermo: No Surface Left Unadorned

The Palatine Chapel is one of those must-see places if ever you have the chance.  It was commissioned by the enlightened Norman King Roger II (Ruggero) and  was consecrated on Palm Sunday 1140. It was designated a UNESCO World heritage site in […] 

Palermo: The Art of Learning

The Gallery of Modern Art is located inside the restored 15th century convent of Sant’Anna and has many works of art from the last 150 years. I always enjoy looking at depictions of schools and classrooms and I was very […] 

Out and About: Weekend

There’s a wonderful walk along the Housatonic in Kent, Connecticut. We were there early enough to have it to ourselves for over an hour on Saturday. And then today more amazing color and beauty at Innisfree Garden, near Millbrook.  

Mockingbirds on Trial

I haven’t read Go Set a Watchman and I’m not sure I will. I did read the first chapter in The Guardian and was not particularly impressed. If Harper Lee did not want it published then she didn’t want it […] 

The Finns Are At It Again: Redesigning Education

Not content with sweeping the international testing stakes Finland is setting about radical school design and reform – again. And given some rather gloomy economic outlooks maybe not a moment too soon. Maybe they know that topping the PISA (Program for […] 

Diversity Matters

Rather like how I’m quoted in Saturday’s  Poughkeepsie Journal “Diversity is a core value embodied in the school’s mission,” said Josie Holford, the head of the school. “Respect for diversity and openness to difference is a source of strength and […] 

Coal smoke and kippers

The farmers’ market is full of strange squash and gourds and pumpkins of every color, shape and size. Autumn –  mists and melancoly,  falling leaves and nostalgia – is a time for memories. Mists that burn off by mid-morning and […] 

Early One Morning

A bird  the color of a stop sign. High on a tree at the Buttercup Farm Sanctuary.  A scarlet tanager. My first sighting.  A black winged red bird. Tree swallows swooping, the insistent chipping of an elusive flycatcher and  the […] 

The Weekend

The view from Huckleberry Point in the Platte Clove Preserve just before the rainstorm. Saturday June 17th …and along the Harlem Valley Rail Trail Sunday June 18th.  

Disruptive Change in School: How Technology Ruined My Childhood

Technology is always disruptive. Think of the introduction of the printing press, or the combine harvester, or the mechanical looms that destroyed a way of life for cottage industry weavers. Some of them took to frame breaking and gave us […] 

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