Snail, Slug, Sloth or Tortoise

Does this Jerry King cartoon from FNO strike a chord?
It’s easy to say “less is more” but not always so easy to see the sentiment translated into the practical of everyday life where the pressure seems on for more stuff in less time.

Here is Carl Honoré – author of In Praise of Slowness explaining how to get more out of life by doing less.

Instant gratification is not fast enough in a world of speed everything.

Honoré decided to decelerate after he found himself speed reading bedtime stories.

“Has it really come to this that I’m ready to fob off my son with a sound bite at the end of the day?”

“In our society, time is a scarce resource,” he said. “We turn everything in race with the finish line but we never reach that finish line.” He refers to “road runner culture”.

Is it time to get in touch with one’s inner snail, slug or sloth? Perhaps inner tortoise is more acceptable – after all the tortoise beats the hare. And when it comes to assessing student work – editing matters, quality matters. Feel the quality and depth not just the width!

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