Paper Cuts: Josh at the Sewing Machine

The first day of alleged spring and another day disrupted by the rituals and routines of early dismissal. By  mid afternoon the buses had come and gone and all after-school activities and athletic practices cancelled.


Joshua Camp Brown at the Sewing Machine

Students and faculty had wisely left ahead of the icy roads.

Luz – our wonderful cleaner –  was vacuuming the Kenyon staircase and apart from her, Victoria and  I were the last ones left in the building.

Or so I thought.

When the vacuum stopped I heard a quiet whirring and mechanical chigging sound emanating from one of the second floor classrooms.

It was high school English teacher Joshua Camp Brown at the sewing machine. Surrounded by books and anthologies and poems he was sewing together these wonderful chapbooks.IMG_7983

I took one home to read.

So – the snow is still falling outside – and my life enriched by the work of these poets and artists: To Angela, Ava, Hollee, Jenna,  Joseph, Josh, Lucy,  Schuyler and Tianyi:  Thank-you!

The March 2015 edition of Paper Cuts – a literary magazine will be available to all soon. Poetry is making and the poet is a maker.

Ask for your copy. And enjoy.



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