Moving up: Words of Wisdom

When you have an idea don’t keep it inside you. Speak up and say what you have to say. Even if you don’t think it’s a good idea, it might be to others once they hear it – Clare
If you eat your veggies at dinnertime you get dessert – Mark
While you’re working you get more done when the room is quiet. In the 3-4 the work is harder and tougher. When it is quiet you get more work done and you feel a nice feeling inside and you should be a lot happier – SchuylerAlways try to find the good things in someone or something. It’s much more satisfying and pleasurable to think positively – Kanani
You should always make your own choices so you won’t get into trouble. for instance, if someone says, hey do this! You should make up your own mind about if it’s a good idea – Brooke
No matter what you are, you are you and only you – Elijah
If you are mad at a friend you should not scream or yell at them, you should talk to them about how you feel – Curtis
Always do your homework first and if it takes too long try to make it fun – Patrick
When you have a chance in life, a chance that is very rare, you should try it. It doesn’t hurt to try, and you never know, you might have fun trying – Alex
If you feel sad and don’t want to tell a teacher because your friend might get mad you should try and work it out with your friend. just tell them how you feel. – Camille

As the fourth grade moved up to the middle school they had some words of wisdom for their classmates. It was a moment for looking back on what had been accomplished, of looking forward to the next step and saying farewell. And, of course, for proud parents to take pictures.

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