I love my job

Some days just stand out. And this was one of them.

First there was breakfast in the new dining room and conversations with high school athletes (there were two games from yesterday) and parents. Then the always weekly standout lower school assembly. Since last year we have taken away the 1960’s era sunken pit. Interesting to begin to see what difference this makes.

Then a few classroom visits. I learned a lot about sea horses from one student in Sue’s 2-3 class: “Oh my gosh!”. Thank-you. Missing from this mini-movie: Brian’s class and sixth grade digital media The latter are choosing their foci for PSAs – public service announcements. Preliminary topics include animal welfare, ocean pollution and preventing terrorist attacks.

Over lunch Ryan commandeered my FlipCam and with the help of Joanna captured some of the drama of the dining room plus a few forkfuls of my delicious tofu stir fry.

And this afternoon there was a meeting of the Fall Festival Planning Committee – a group of parent volunteers whose energy, imagination and vision are creating something amazing for Saturday November 20th.

There were a few other things in between, before and after (!) but these are the things that make each day at PDS sing!

Next up: Some days I hate my job!

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