Everything’s Cool

It was a great day in the James Earl Jones theater at PDS yesterday. Dan Gold – a member of the PDS class of 1978 – was there for the first public screening in the Hudson valley of the film he co-directed: Everything’s Cool – a hot documentary about global warming.

This is a film that informs and entertains. It tells “the incredible story of a handful of global warming messengers speaking out in a time of disinformation”. Essentially it is about the gap between the what scientists believe about global warming and what the general public believes. It’s about how that gap was created and about how it is currently beginning to close. It weaves personal stories with public action and manages to be very funny at the same time. It also gives reason for optimism.

The high school students who saw the film in the afternoon gave it high marks indeed. They also enjoyed the opportunity to hear from Dan about his work as well as about his time at PDS. One of the stories he told was of his Central Studies elective in his senior year. Seems that his plan was to hang out with a friend playing music in his parents’ basement. After that proposal was rejected, he was encouraged to take on a multi- media project. It turned out so well that the school ended up by buying it from him to show to prospective families.

Everything’s Cool premiered at the Sundance festival in January. If you missed your chance to see the film yesterday look for it when it gets distribution or buy the DVD. Meanwhile you can find out more and watch some video clips at Everything’s Cool.

Two children in Mishmaref wonder how to move a village.
Snow groomer Bish Neuhauser making biodiesel in his garage.

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