About Those Daffodils

So there I was, wandering about,
Strolling the gardens, minding my own business
The way one does on an April afternoon
Unencumbered by seder or service,
Thinking random simple thoughts  ***
About the world and its ways.
A frog at the margin, sitting tight.
A goose honked.
Flowers peeping by the stones,
Buds bursting out and whatnot.
Then …  suddenly … and bugger me!
Beside the lake, beneath the trees
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze
A whole crowd of daffodils
And smelling bloody wonderful.
More pale sun than golden
But nonetheless
They flashed across the outward eye.


Thanks Mr. Wordsworth.


*** And here are those

Random Simple Thoughts

Fake news bordering the delusional
Ties to Russia looking collusional.

Corruption, lies, total depravity
Leaks from every White House cavity

Petulant posing, deep misogyny
Dim bulb Don and his thieving progeny

Gloating and pouting in equal measure
Bombing stuff for his personal pleasure.

Admin inept, deep in kleptocracy
Absolute worst – total kakocracy.

A cabinet of fools, traitors and thieves
A family of grifters that no-one believes.

Alt. Left mouthing empty banality
Neo-liberal schmiber-ality.

Alt. Right giving the Nazi salute
And longing for faces under the boot.

Aversion to truth, caring and reason
Just theft, sedition, lying and treason.

Deeply paranoid and patriarchal
Corrupt, autocratic, oligarchical.

Inter-sectional criminality
Fake news, lies, in place of reality.

Nepot-ism and Bannon-ite schism
Gaslighting bigly, sick narcissism.

Phobic paranoia, preying on fears
Thriving on name-calling, personal smears.

Daily expansion of personal wealth
Deeds of darkness secrecy and stealth.

The noose gets tighter, they’re coming for you.
The knock on the door, arrests, yes it’s true.

Every day drip by drip truth’s coming out
They know what you did, where you stuck your snout.

Case for impeachment is taking good shape
And believe me bigly – there’s no escape.

And now – Mara-la go-fuck-yourself!


  1. Would you mind if I posted just “Random Simple Thoughts” on my highly politicized Facebook page? I’d give credit and URL source.

  2. Love the way beauty overtakes us, while we’re minding our own business! Wonderful about the daffodils, so, yes, thanks, Mr. Wordsworth – and thanks to you, too, Ms. Holford! — Elizabeth
    Elizabeth´s last blog post ..Alone In The Room With Art

    • That’s a pattern with Wordsworth. Think the Solitary Reaper and the Blind Beggar and no doubt so many others. I don’t think anyone captures that kind of experience so often and so markedly. Wordsworth rather scars you for life I think. So often a experience in nature is accompanied by some insight, line of phrase from him. Thanks Elizabeth.

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