College Admissions: Which is more interesting: Gorillas or Guerrillas??

That question is one the prompts from the new Tufts University optional essay section. It’s part of its Kaleidoscope program based on the psychometric work of Robert Sternberg who is now the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at Tufts. Sternberg’s work has long focused on notions of successful intelligence and creativity.

‘If you want to admit people who are going to be leaders in tomorrow’s world . . . focusing on GPAs and SATs

does not get you very far.’ — Robert J. Sternberg

The first results are in. Here’s a link to an article about this experiment to find a new way to assess candidates for college admissions. It’s followed by a lively comment section – it is clear that this venture is not without controversy.

Inside HigherEd: New View of College Admissions

For more on this admissions project at Tufts here is a link to a powerpoint. It includes the slides with additional questions using in this search for students who are creative, practical and wise.

Arts and Sciences at Tufts

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