A Work in Progress: The Secret Sauce of the PDS Value Proposition

The Secret Sauce

The Secret Sauce

We have a new website in the offing and I was working on some of the language for the new landing page. This is where to place  what is known as the value proposition meaning  the promise statements or the reason why families should invest in the school for the education of their children.   It’s not a tagline, not a list of programs or a description of facilities but rather the promise of the school to deliver in terms of meeting families needs and providing solutions.

So here is what informed my thinking as I worked to come up with something that expressed PDS’s unique value proposition.

I went through a laundry list of attributes; Caring and capable faculty. Check. Good facilities. Check. Expanding curriculum. Check. Personal attention. Check.  And so on down on through a whole laundry list of positive and truthful attributes.

But what makes PDS stand out? There are many wonderful and good schools out there. How is PDS distinguished amongst them? To what pains and problems is our school a compelling antidote and  answer?

I think it starts with values and specifically bedrock and enduring beliefs about children, learning, motivation and the “Yet” mentality. It’s the unique ways we express those beliefs in the way we think about learning and assess growth.

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