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There’s a blackbird
in my mango tree
and I think of Marley
and singing songs of freedom

I have followed birds
from hills
to home
and back
wondering where was Zion

but now I am content
on this verandah

the blackbirds come to my mango tree
and sing

home is always
where it’s meant to be

I am sure
that’s what blackbirds sing.

  by Carol Rumens

1985 Four Seasons: Spring
Anne Toms (b.1944)

Jacques-Richard Chery; Picking Fruit 1969

The Mango Tree, Patti Schermerhorn

Bob Marley. Date and photographer unknown.

“Sing A Song of Six Pence”―Page Design 1906
Thirty Old-Time Nursery Songs
Artist:Paul Vincent Woodroffe (British (born India), Madras 1875–1954 Eastbourne)
Music arranged by Joseph Samuel Moorat (British, 1864–1938)

Landscape from a Dream, 1936-8 Paul Nash (1889-1946)

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