Toot your Trumpet: the NAIS Inspiration Lab

So easy to toot your own horn these days.Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 4.52.07 AM

The harder thing is to cut through the cacophony and have others hear the tuneful joyful noise!

I’m enjoying the new Inspiration Lab from NAIS designed to allow member schools to highlight their work.

We sent in our first contribution yesterday. It was a screenshot of Global Read Aloud book discussion that middle school teacher Shirley Rinaldi organized and moderated on Twitter.

She invited classes to participate via Twitter, Edmodo and the Global Read Aloud site.

Taking part were students in schools in Chicago, Colorado, New York, South Carolina, Wisconsin and Canada.Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 2.08.38 PMScreenshot of Global Read Aloud Twitter chat

The book under discussion was “Out of My Mind ” by Sharon Draper and had the Twitter hashtag #GRAOOMM.

Global Read aloud promotes reading, literature, discussion, global awareness and community

Read more about Global Read Aloud: One Book to Connect the World 

Here how NAIS explains the Inspiration Lab:

Inspiration Lab is an online collection of stories about independent schools. Teachers, administrators, parents, and students submit stories about their schools then easily share them with their networks. We’ll also drive traffic to the site through online opportunities and NAIS social networks to bring an even wider audience to the site. This site provides one way to showcase not only the unique value of each school, but also the value that independent schools as a group bring to the wider educational community. We hope your schools will use this tool to build pride among your communities, and to expand the reach of your stories to prospective families.

We encourage you and your team to visit Inspiration Lab at and post
your school’s story. Please send any questions or comments to me or to

So – parents, students, teachers, everyone – if you have a story to tell, a pic to share that toots the PDS horn – go for it!


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