Diversity Matters

Rather like how I’m quoted in Saturday’s  Poughkeepsie Journal

“Diversity is a core value embodied in the school’s mission,” said Josie Holford, the head of the school. “Respect for diversity and openness to difference is a source of strength and a means of growth and speaks to who we are as a school. In striving to be an inclusive and culturally competent community, we honor multiple perspectives just as we seek the common ground that unites all people. As our local and national populations continue to evolve and the Internet continues to connect people and cultures with astonishing immediacy, the ability of our students to successfully interact in diverse environments depends on developing wider perspectives and an understanding of differences. We are truly grateful to everyone who contributed to this challenge.”

More from the article, about the Challenge and financial aid.

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  1. Susan Scheid:

    The quilt is a perfect accompaniment to your quote. For anyone who can get into New York City, the Global Africa Project exhibit at the Museum of Arts and Design is a wonder, not to be missed.

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