The Ruben’s Tube: Dancing Fire

Click for an UPDATED version of this experiment and with a great new video.

It’s always great when a student or a teacher sends along a report, picture or a video of something cool going on in the classroom.

Or, as in this case, a cool experiment during vacation.

This is a first attempt at creating a Ruben’s standing wave flame tube showing the relationship between sound waves and air pressure. It looks quite hazardous and not to be tried at home without guidance, permission and precaution.

Wikipedia explains it this way – or you could just ask Jake or Preston or another physics student.


  1. WOW!!
    That was really neat. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Raiyaan:

    Hi Josie, September
    My name is Raiyaan. I liked the video called Rubins tube. I liked the video because the way it was built. The way it the pieces were put together is cool because of the sound making the metal vibrate causing the fire to go higher. Your blog is amazing at describing our school. No wonder we have so many new people visiting our school. Visit our blog if you would like to.

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