Why I Love Our Parent Leaders

11357139_10153386691119783_3158885737191275181_oStarting with the Welcome Week in September and right on through to Nicky the Navigator in June PDS relies on the time and talents of its parent volunteers.

The wonderful Parents Association has done so much this year and we are so grateful to Dierdre Sepp for stepping up to the leadership role.

Thanks for the fun meetings. I always look forward to them – good energy, good things accomplished, progress made and creative ideas explored. And always upbeat and lively.


Our parent volunteers are the leaders in our community. They are the difference makers. They step up to do what needs to done to keep the school the dynamic, welcoming and creative place it is. They enrich the lives of every member of the community and – most of all – our students.

They are generous with their time, their creative energy and their extraordinary talents. Just as we can’t do it without the financial support of the Annual Fund we can’t do it without the time and talents of our wonderful parent volunteers.

We rely on them in so many ways. The PA sponsors key events through the year and parents volunteer at every turn.

Parent leaders do all these and more: (Let me know what I’ve missed!)11082272_10153246350864783_4466563298758918332_o

  • plant the flowers
  • run the scoreboard
  • broadcast the games
  • create the software
  • drive the kids
  • serve the chili
  • sew the costumes
  • deliver teacher appreciation gifts
  • write the newsletter
  • organize POSOC
  • promote the MakerFaire
  • manage school picture day1492728_10152962374889783_2413079021927000310_o
  • cook the hot dogs,
  • sell the T-shirts
  • teach Lego robotics
  • keep the accounts
  • videotape the championship
  • sell the tickets
  • donate the refreshments
  • take the photos
  • chaperone the field trips
  • plan the party
  • emcee the show15791340583_70875f526e_o
  • chair the auction
  • run the book fair
  • play in the band
  • share their ideas
  • cheer on the teams
  • lead Canstruction
  • make the coffee
  • bake the cupcakes
  • scrub the pots and
  • advocate for – and donate to – the Annual Fund.

But most of all they lead. Leadership is saying yes, seeing what needs to be done and doing it.

Parent leaders make the difference. They make the community. And they know how to have fun.

11289389_10153386691089783_394685718746642899_oFriday’s Volunteer Appreciation breakfast was lovely and we were able to thank some of our volunteers with quiche and French toast and words of appreciation. But to all of you out there who helped this year – Thank You.

So in celebration of our wonderful parent leaders:  A few glimpses of the work of the year.

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