What’s next?

First  the music and the record stores closed.  And then the  books – Posman’s on Broadway, Ivy’s Global Inkand too many others across Manhattan.

And then it was the international news and magazine shop – Global Ink – on the corner of 112th street where it was possible to browse obscure journals, pick up yesterday’s Guardian and newspaper from all over the world.

In a letter posted to the window the owner EssamMoussa  noted that technology has “reduced the need for hand-held publications.” viewmaster

He opened a shoe store.

And now  Kim’s Video one block up is gone.
We’re getting used to all these changes. Today’s NYTimes Week in Review has a story about the end of Polaroid – gone the way of the Viewmaster – and another about changes in the book industry.

They’ll soon be closing the one-room schoolhouse if we’re not careful!

All this change, disruption and disintermediation. What’s next?

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