What is Education?

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Take a look at this one delivered by a five year old. Freebrook Academy founded by a PDS alum Monique Scott and open for students in September.


  1. Great kid and great video! Monique is one of my former students. I am so proud of her and wish her well in her new venture. Hope I can go visit in the fall.

  2. Visiting will be a must.

  3. Bryan Maloney:

    I’ve been wanting to have a webpage to showcase our terrific grads, along with a place for them to blog about what they are doing. Monique would fit in nicely with this. I’ll speak with Christina.

  4. I would love to meet Monique and hear more about the school. She must have come to the school right around the time I started my career in motherhood. Great that a PDS is starting a school!

  5. Josie:

    Jan – Monique is planning to be at PDS for the “Embracing Innovation” conference on April 15th. (That’s particularly great as our keynote speaker – Will Richardson – tweeted about her Freebrook Academy promo: “Best. Video. Ever.”

    Bryan – Seems as if many PDS grads have gone into education in one way or another. Some are professors of all kinds of subjects from physics to linguistics and yet others have founded and/ or lead schools.

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