What a night!


A Gym Transformed

We had a terrific benefit auction party last night. So many thanks are due to volunteer auction chair Ann Enriquez who put together a terrific crew who worked tirelessly.

Many people made this night possible and I am thankful for them all. The gym was transformed into a place of magic and romance, the food was good, the music wonderfully tailored to the occasion and very danceable!


A signed basketball gets a bit of a spin

Seemed to me people had a good time. I certainly did – it was fun to be around people who were so upbeat and had so many wonderful things to say about our school and were there to have a good time.

And best of all we raised some money to help keep the school moving forward.

Thank-you to everyone who helped to make this happen. And that means everyone who made a contribution – all our attendees, sponsors, underwriters, donors and contributors.

Ann has been a parent at PDS for thirteen years and what a story she told about her daughter, the first grader and the donation to Healing Haiti! Thank-you Ann for that story as well as everything else. (And if you don’t know this story ask someone who was at the auction.)

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