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I check my Twitter feed first thing.  It’s an early morning routine that helps give me a quick scan of the world and of the edusphere in particular.

Today, President Obama signed the Healthy, Hunger-free  Kids Act into  law. Child nutrition and school lunch are hot topics and the PBS NewsHour has taken notice.  I follow the NewsHour so I saw the request for lunch menus. A quick trip to our website where our menus for the month are posted, then a little copy and paste to the 140 character twitter limit.

A few hours later – PBS had retweeted our Monday menu to the world (or at least the world of PBS followers):

And that of course gave me an opportunity to do a little @PoughkeepsieDay boasting:

And it was delicious too and included a surprise addition of split pea soup.

I am especially thankful for our wonderful lunch provision when I read some of the horror stories the NewsHour received today. Not a lot of positive out there!

Thank-you PDS Food Service for tasty, healthy meals with a smile and a cheering word. Makes all the difference.

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