O patient shore, that canst not go to meet
Thy love, the restless sea, how comfortest
Thou all thy loneliness? Art thou at rest,
When, loosing his strong arms from round thy feet,
He turns away? Know’st thou, however sweet
That other shore may be, that to thy breast
He must return? And when in sterner test
He folds thee to a heart which does not beat,
Wraps thee in ice, and gives no smile, no kiss,
To break long wintry days, still dost thou miss
Naught from thy trust? Still, wait, unfaltering,
The higher, warmer waves which leap in spring?
O sweet, wise shore, to be so satisfied!
O heart, learn from the shore! Love has a tide!
by Helen Hunt Jackson

A Dark Pool
Laura Knight (1877–1970)1915

Renée Radell, The Tide, 1966.

Tiree Wave, Beth Robertson Fiddes. Scottish based landscape painter whose work focuses on the Scottish highlands, and Western Isles.

Low Tide, Tiree
Allison Young (b.1966)

Ruth Bernhard, In the Waves, 1945

Zohra Bensemra, Algerian photographer

Featured image: Detail from Alfred Sisley: The Cliff at Penarth, Evening, Low Tide 1897.

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