The Lower School chooses Joan Miro

If you’re going to MoMA for the Van Gogh and the Colors of the Night – good luck. It’s a wonderful exhibit, of course, and very much worth the visit. But the popularity, my timing, and the rather haphazard MoMA crowd management made it a less than stellar gallery experience when I was there last week.

The Two Philosophers 1936But while you’re there be sure to head upstairs for the Joan “I want to assassinate painting” Miro Painting and Anti-Painting 1927-1937 exhibit on the sixth floor.

The first room is dedicated to the Spanish Dancer series and then after that room of beige and brown everyone stops at the brilliant colors of the Dutch Interiors.  And that’s just the beginning. It’s a great exhibit.

The lower school faculty has chosen a Joan Miro for the third  Take One Picture* following Breugel and Vickers.  Stay tuned.

Meanwhile – here is a reminder of Miro’s  work.

* The Take One Picture project is originates with the National Gallery in London.

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