The Kindness of Strangers

We received a wonderful letter yesterday and here it is:

Dear Ms Holford:

I volunteer at The Queens Galley in Kingston on Tuesdays. I had the pleasure of working with your students, who volunteered yesterday at the soup kitchen.

They were enthusiastic, helpful, industrious and all around fantastic. The teacher who accompanied them was so supportive and positive with the children.

What a wonderful reflection on Poughkeepsie Day School! While I am just a volunteer, with no authority to speak for The Queens Galley, I did want you to know that from my perspective and several other volunteers and clients whom I spoke with, the PDS students were tops.

It’s great to get such message from someone who went out of her way to send a message endorsing what we already know about our students. Thank-you so much.

The Queens Galley does such important work so well that it’s a privilege to be able to help out. Our middle school and high school students have volunteered for years; this particular group was from the middle school and accompanied by Laura Graceffa.

There’s more about The Queens Galley on their website and Facebook page.

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