The Great War

PDS Flickr Photo Collection

The Great War Archive Flickr Group

The Art of the First World War

Aftermath: A site exploring the enduring impact of the war. Newsclips, poetry, remembrance. Stories of those who returned.

The Heritage of the Great War An idiosyncratic site with a definite point of view. Many excellent resources. No sugar coating.

The Great War 1914-1918

The British Library – Great resources and interactive materials

PBS: The Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century The companion site to the TV series.

BBC History: World War One in depth. Great resources: Causes, events, people of the “war to end all wars”. See also:

BBC: for Schools: Read and listen – diaries, personal accounts, memorabilia and more.

Trenches on the Web

Spartacus Schoolnet First World War Index

The First World War Digital Poetry Archive from Oxford University

The Imperial War Museum The next best thing to an actual visit.  If you are ever in London make it a prime destination. Extraordinary exhibits and collections. Excellent online collection too: Watch, listen, read, learn.

Lost Poets of the Great War from Emory University. An outstanding resource.

Poets of the Great War

The First World War – a multi media history

British Magazines During The Great War – One of many extensive pages of eyewitness accounts, postcards, picture contemporary material 1914-1918 to be found at The Great War in a Different Light – a site that is often not accessible. Some wonderful oddities.

The Great War Society: Learning and Research Center

Canada and the War An online exhibition

Australia and the War

Commonwealth War Graves Commission. To grasp some idea of the staggering scale of the war and the loss look at this searchable database.  And this is only the British and Commonwealth casualties.
Forever India: a film from the CWGC commemorating the 74,000 men from the sub-continent who served and died in WW1

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WW1 People to follow on Twitter

The Great War Today – Twitter feed Get your daily dose of what happened on this day in the first world war.

Best documentaries about the Great War

Best films and TV series

Paths of Glory

All Quiet on the Western Front


My Boy Jack

The Grand Illusion

Hedd Wyn

The Trench

Journey’s End

Music and Musicians of The Great War

Social Change in the UK

How The Outcome of the War changed the maps of the world

The Enduring Impact of the War on the History of the World

How The Great War changed the History of Medicine.


All Quiet on the Western Front

Not So Quiet

Regeneration (trilogy)


A Farewell to Arms

Her Privates We – Frederic Manning

Journey’s End – R.C.Sheriff (Play)

The Complete Memoirs of George Sherston – Siegfried Sassoon


Storm of Steel – Ernst Junger

Goodbye to all That

Testament of Youth – Vera Brittain

Under Fire

With Machine Gun to Cambrai

Undertones of War -Edmund Blunden

Memoirs of an Infantry Officer – Siegfried Sassoon


The Great War and Modern Memory

The Guns of August – Barbara Tuchman

Outside Verdun 

The Missing of the Somme




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