The Daily Stroll

With Innisfree Garden closed for the season time to revisit old familiar haunts.

The old red barn

Pathways lined by milkweed

Rolled hay bales in the far field.

The last apple.

The turtle was wary

This part of the walk often brings the wasteland of Passchendaele to mind but today was too bright and colorful.

Something has already braved the chestnut spines and eaten most of them.

Berries against a bright blue sky.

Milkweed seeds ready to be borne on the wind.

Looking north toward Thompson Pond and the headwaters of Wappingers Creek.

The beavers always working at felling trees and making dams.

The brilliant sun made for great shadows on the water

The pathway back

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  1. I’m ready to be rewired!

  2. Highly recommended!

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