Teenagers Incompetent and Irresponsible? Let’s Abolish High School

Let’s Abolish High School – it’s a link to an article in Education Week (April4, 2007) by Robert Epstein.

Epstein provides some historical context to the educational warehousing of teenagers. Teenagers, he contends, are not inherently incompetent and irresponsible and we should stop treating them as if they were.

To give you a taste:

In today’s fast-paced world, education needs to be spread out over a lifetime, and the main thing we need to teach our young people is to love the process of learning.…we now have rapidly improving tools that will soon allow virtually all young people to master essential material at their own pace, and to do so at any point in their lives. There will probably always be a place for the classroom, but it will be a place where intense and intimate learning takes place with highly willing students, not a step on an assembly line.

A place, then, very much like the High School at PDS.
Connect joy to learning?

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