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Consumed by Hate

Imagine being so consumed with racial hatred that you travel all the way from Maryland specifically on a mission to kill black people. This is what seems to have happened last Monday night when Timothy Caughman suffered a brutal sword attack […] 

Learning and Social Media: Option, Opportunity and Obligation

If you’re reading this online then you are engaged in social media. You are consuming. I’ve been thinking about education and social media not so much as an option but as an opportunity and an obligation – something we owe […] 

How to Run a Meeting Badly: Advice from an Expert

A few tips storified from an #ISEDchat courtesy of @LaneYoung. This is by no means a complete list of course. There are many more but here a few basics for beginners. And, while others may find this a laughing matter: […] 

Two Key Tools for Teachers

Tool  #1: Twitter With so much out there it’s hard to know where to begin.  But Twitter is by far the number one online professional growth tool for educators. It’s the link and the glue that connects and brings colleagues […] 

Crikey! It’s #Blimage

Finally – at long last – the old desks were taken to the basement for storage. There they sat for two decades -surplus to requirements, replaced by moulded plastic, steel and aluminum –  gathering dust and shedding memories. The lidded […] 

What failure means these days

A recent Twitter chat included the following exchange with Mark Crotty, head of school at St John’s Episcopal in Dallas. Mark blogs at To Keep Things Whole and I am a frequent visitor. He used it in a post entitled: […] 

Darkness and Light

What 60 schools can tell us about teaching 21st century skills. Here’s the TEDx Denver version of the talk Grant Lichtman gave at #naisac13 in Philadelphia. I take my title from an extraordinary compliment that Grant paid Poughkeepsie Day School on his blog […] 

Change hits Welcome Back to School

This cartoon is making the rounds this morning:  Reminds me of those words often claimed to be either a Chinese and Hebrew proverb: Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time. And […] 

The little bit of ivory and the traditional virtue of the exquisite tweet

How long does this have to be? Should we teach to the text (message)? Forget about the five paragraph essay, what about the five (abbreviated) word text and the exquisite tweet? Lots of commentary about a recent article with follow-up  […] 

Monumental Opportunities

So here I am at the NAIS annual conference – where it is sunny and balmy- ready to engage in the monumental opportunities of listening to and talking to strangers. They won’t all be strangers though and it will undoubtedly […] 

Twitter Asks: Ken Robinson Replies

Ken Robinson answers questions sent to him via Twitter.  

Tweet your Lunch

I check my Twitter feed first thing.  It’s an early morning routine that helps give me a quick scan of the world and of the edusphere in particular. Today, President Obama signed the Healthy, Hunger-free  Kids Act into  law. Child […] 

Help is Available: Some Advice for New Teachers

Advice (random and very incomplete) for new teachers: Please round out the list with your thoughts: Sign on to Twitter. Follow the smartest people you can find in your areas of interest. Build a great PLN – personal learning network […] 

Publish! And democratize learning.

Interesting post from The Innovative Educator: 21st Century Educators Don’t Say, “Hand It In.” They say, “Publish It! Read the post to hear what happened when she put out the word via Twitter and also to see her suggestions for […] 

Do you Twitter?

We are experimenting with an additional way to help people keep in touch with what’s going on at PDS. If you twitter (twitter.com) consider following @PoughkeepsieDay. We are linking it to our Facebook account as another way to keep up […] 

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