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First they make you crazy. Then they sell you the cure: Be Mindful of Mindless Mindfulness

Coloring books for adults are apparently a big new craze. Amazon’s #1 bestseller in stress management/ self-help is a coloring book. And there are many to choose from with beguiling names like Calm and Balance and Enchanted Forest and Secret […] 

Must watch: Test Mania with John Oliver


Staying Curious: Susan Engel’s “The Hungry Mind”

The Hungry Mind The Origins of Curiosity in Childhood That’s the title of Susan Engel’s new book and it’s about the recent standardized testing mania and how it misses the point about what really matters. The key thing is the […] 

The Finns Are At It Again: Redesigning Education

Not content with sweeping the international testing stakes Finland is setting about radical school design and reform – again. And given some rather gloomy economic outlooks maybe not a moment too soon. Maybe they know that topping the PISA (Program for […] 

Tests: “Is that all that matters to grown-ups?”

 Test-weary second-grader asks school board: ‘Is that all that matters to grown-ups?’ Elitist parents threaten lawsuit after kids are called out for alleged test prep Two news stories from test-world: The first from The Washington Post reports the testimony of a […] 

Simple ideas: Education’s only purpose and one true test

Is the only true purpose of education to help children stay learners for life? To learn how to learn? I was going to use the word “become” instead of “stay” but we all know that children arrive at school as […] 

Thinking Outside the Bubble

Check out this terrific film made by Erica Enriquez created in 2013 while in her sophomore year in high at Poughkeepsie Day School. It’s about New York state’s standardized testing system, in comparison to Piaget’s theories regarding the cognitive development of young […] 

Let the handwringing stop. The US is not number one and that’s OK.

The latest Program for International Assessment (Pisa) results are out and that means another round of handwringing, lamentation, self-flagellation, finger pointing and all that other good stuff. Basic summary: Shanghai tops the overall ranking with Singapore and Hong Kong coming […] 

Lock-step learning is not (learning)

Award winning social studies teacher Ron Maggiano is leaving his job. And this is why: Our classrooms have become intellectual deserts where students are not allowed to use their imagination and their natural curiosity in order to learn new tasks […] 

World Class Learners Do More Than Bubble It In

Looking forward to reading Yong Zhao’s new book due out soon:  World Class Learners: Educating Creative and Entrepreneurial Students The focus is preparing global, creative, and entrepreneurial talents. “College and career readiness” is the mantra in the global education reform […] 

What happens when you teach to the test?

A decade of NCLB has made an impact. From: BestMastersInEducation.com Photo: Cesar Quintero  

Cookie Cutter Kids: “Send us your winners…”

…and we’ll make winners out of them” There’s a good article in the latest edition of Independent School magazine that challenges some cherished notions of excellence and the hypocrisy of so many claims about diversity, equity and justice. It is […] 

Change and the Rear View Mirror

A home decorating project revealed this message from the former owner underneath the kitchen wallpaper. I quite liked the pattern actually but it was time to move on. Change in education is not as simple as stripping a wall but […] 

Outcomes and results matter: But what’s with all the testing?

In a recent post at Raining Acorns, a Pennsylvania parent records what happens in March school testing season. She outlines the impact on the school schedule and the disruption to learning. Is it all worth it? Why all this time […] 

A Culture of Testing

Seth Godin wrote about the culture of testing, Netflix and what is untestable. You can read it here. I have rewritten it. I hope he doesn’t mind. A Culture of Testing Many schools test everything. They’re very proud that they […] 

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