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Time to Make it Happen

I did not attend the NAIS Annual Conference this year – first time for many years – so I don’t have any takeaways to report like Grant Lichtman. But I was in Baltimore for an ICG (Independent Curriculum Group) board […] 

Learning and Social Media: Option, Opportunity and Obligation

If you’re reading this online then you are engaged in social media. You are consuming. I’ve been thinking about education and social media not so much as an option but as an opportunity and an obligation – something we owe […] 

Out and About

We had some glorious fall days last week (as well as some much-needed rain).  It was perfect weather for the soccer and cross-country teams. I took advantage of the sunshine to visit the lower school at recess. Plans were being made, […] 

Creativity in the Classroom: The Commodore Amiga and PDS

It’s the 30th anniversary of the Commodore Amiga computer.  This is apparently the machine that introduced a whole new world of computer gaming for a generation of users. This is a cause of great celebration in the retro computing crowd. […] 

Three cheers for EdCamp Hudson Valley

There are lots of reasons to be concerned about the digital revolution and its impact on our lives, the lives of our students and schools. And there’s no shortage of voices raising the alarm. Here’s a small flavorsome slice of […] 

The Future of Employment: Don’t ask kids what they want to be when they grow up; rather ask what problem they want to solve

Don’t ask kids what they want to be when they grow up; rather ask what problem they want to solve. Their careers may not exist yet. Call me bonkers but I’ve been reading The Future of Employment: How susceptible are […] 

Embrace, Unplug, Reboot: The Technology Learning Cycle


Embrace – Unplug – Reboot: Learning with Technology


The Future of Schools: The Third Revolution and The Great Disruption

“The Great Disruption: Technology and the Future of Schools” The latest issue of Independent School magazine is out and it’s a good one. Among many good articles there is this from retiring NAIS president Pat Bassett: The Third Great American […] 

Connecting the Dots: Innovation in the Knowledge Age

Connecting the Dots: Becoming a Knowledge Age Innovator Interesting 2009 short article by Deborah Westphal of Toffler Associates Key points include: Innovation is essential to the long-term success of every organization. But innovation isn’t what it used to be. Discovery doesn’t occur […] 

The IBM Selectric Typewriter and Kenyon House: “You must have been drunk!”

Cross-posted from Josie’s Blog Did you know that Poughkeepsie Day School now has a Fab Lab? It’s short for fabrication laboratory – a place where people tinker, design, code, create, re-purpose, mess about, invent, make  and play with stuff. It’s […] 

Why School? Why PDS?

We are at the beginning of a period of focused strategic thinking at school and the Board of Trustees has convened a planning group to lead the process. One of the ways I have been preparing for this has been […] 

All this change ….

For adults like me who work in schools September means being confronted with a world of change.  There are new faces of course, and names to learn. There are new courses, fresh paint on the walls and sometimes new structures […] 

T.S.Eliot – the app for that

T.S.Eliot worked for Faber and now they have published an app for The Wasteland. Is this the future of English studies? Imagine what a great project it would be for a class to create the app for a work of […] 

“The death of education but the dawn of learning.”

Mindless and disturbing commercial hype or … finally … the opportunity to realize the long-held, unfulfilled dreams of boundless learning? Stephen Heppell via Matt Sculley Photo: Ryan Wilson  

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