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Consumed by Hate

Imagine being so consumed with racial hatred that you travel all the way from Maryland specifically on a mission to kill black people. This is what seems to have happened last Monday night when Timothy Caughman suffered a brutal sword attack […] 

Social Media and the Two-Minute Hate

Near the beginning of George Orwell’s 1984  our hero Winston Smith attends a rally at the Ministry of Truth where he works in the Records Department. It’s the daily ritual two-minute hate – a routine emotional release designed to keep […] 

Remembering Joe Bower

I never met Joe Bower but it seemed easy to imagine knowing him.  He was one of those people you meet online who exude warmth and seem larger than life. When Joe burst into the Twitterspere in 2009 it was […] 

Everyone Can Be a Maker These Days

Common Sense Media announced a new report, based on a survey with 2600 tweens and teens, that they say depicts the current state of media usage in the United States. Among their findings are several which are likely troubling to […] 

Learning and Social Media: Option, Opportunity and Obligation

If you’re reading this online then you are engaged in social media. You are consuming. I’ve been thinking about education and social media not so much as an option but as an opportunity and an obligation – something we owe […] 

Two Key Tools for Teachers

Tool  #1: Twitter With so much out there it’s hard to know where to begin.  But Twitter is by far the number one online professional growth tool for educators. It’s the link and the glue that connects and brings colleagues […] 

The Efflorescence of Learning

This post inspired by the #blimage* invitational series. Take a look at this picture and what do you see? That wall –  at least on the right – has a serious case of efflorescence – the salty, crystalline eruption that […] 

Crikey! It’s #Blimage

Finally – at long last – the old desks were taken to the basement for storage. There they sat for two decades -surplus to requirements, replaced by moulded plastic, steel and aluminum –  gathering dust and shedding memories. The lidded […] 

Embrace, Unplug, Reboot: The Technology Learning Cycle


Astrobiology and Why I like Facebook

There are lots of reasons not to like Facebook and I respect all those many people for whom it is just not their cup of tea. But there is one thing that Facebook is really good for and for which, […] 

Digital Future Forum: Technology, Social Media and The Impact on Learning

Last night’s forum was a discussion of digital technology and social media and their impact on learning and education. Thank you parents, students and faculty for joining the discussion. There’s lots more learning and thinking to do and I look […] 

The Footprint and the Digital Dossier

“Reputation, reputation, reputation! O, I have lost my reputation! I have lost the immortal part of myself, and what remains is bestial. My reputation, Iago, my reputation!” (Othello Act II.iii.262-265). Cassio only had his own foolishness and the treachery of […] 

A Golden Age of Data

Drowning in data overload? Drenched from drinking from the fire-hose of information? Help is at hand:  the Guardian now has a new Data Blog for data journalism and visualization. And mapping every city, every town  block by block here is […] 

Social Media and School Leadership

Lorrie Jackson recently interviewed me via email on the topic of heads of school and their use of social media. Her questions and my answers (slightly tidied up) are below. You can read her interviews with several heads of school […] 

Where are the adults? Leadership and responsibility in the digital world.

Teacher of the Year Anthony Mullen has another excellent Road Diary post today.  At Kent State University, Ohio,  he walks down a grassy slope looking back at the spot where, almost forty years ago, the National Guard stood in line […] 

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