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Minor Miracle

A  bike ride in the country. A conversation interrupted by a near accident and the shock of a racist chance encounter. The ride resumes only to be interrupted again by a moment of menace.  And then something quite unexpected happens.. I […] 

Two Cheers for Diversity and the Unfinished Work of America: Stronger Together

The NAIS Annual People Of Color Conference opens this week in Atlanta. It will draw independent educators from across the country. They will gather in groups small and large; renew friendships and make new connections; listen to speakers and attend, participate in, […] 

Are you racist? Why ‘No’ is not a good enough answer

Marlon James is author of the 2015 Man Booker prize-winning novel  Brief History of Seven Killings. In this short video via The Guardian he makes the case that being non-racist may allow us a clear conscience about our personal conduct but […] 

Racial Justice: Are we making any progress?

We celebrate  Martin Luther King’s birthday on Monday and that means a day off. It’s a recent habit to use a part of the weekend to read or re-read something he wrote and give it some thought. Seems the least […] 

Gordon Parks at Vassar

  There’s an interesting photo exhibit just opened at the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center at Vassar.   Called “the Making of an Argument” it shows the story of Gordon Park’s Life magazine photo essay from 1948. The subject was […] 

Mockingbirds on Trial

I haven’t read Go Set a Watchman and I’m not sure I will. I did read the first chapter in The Guardian and was not particularly impressed. If Harper Lee did not want it published then she didn’t want it […] 

We Have Work To Do: Undoing Racism

This week began with a professional day for faculty and staff. Our theme was Identity, Privilege and Race provoked by the recent months of turmoil surrounding the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. There were readings, resources and a […] 

Beneath the Surface: The Hokey-Pokey and Jump Jim Joe

Most Wednesday mornings the lower school assembles in the Chapman Room and parents are welcome.  It’s usually a showcase for the work of the classroom and often includes the opportunity to sing. First the Hokey-Pokey On a recent Wednesday a […] 

Diversity Matters

Rather like how I’m quoted in Saturday’s  Poughkeepsie Journal “Diversity is a core value embodied in the school’s mission,” said Josie Holford, the head of the school. “Respect for diversity and openness to difference is a source of strength and […] 

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