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Remembering Joe Bower

I never met Joe Bower but it seemed easy to imagine knowing him.  He was one of those people you meet online who exude warmth and seem larger than life. When Joe burst into the Twitterspere in 2009 it was […] 

Finding the Heart of Progressive Education

Finding the Heart of a Progressive Education What follows is the text of the article recently published by Hudson Valley Magazine Q&A with Josie Holford​, Head of School, Poughkeepsie Day School How does the no testing/no grading philosophy work? The […] 

“Let’s Make It”: Education Comes Full Circle

Unless the mass of workers are to be blind cogs and pinions in the apparatus they employ, they must have some understanding of the physical and social facts behind and ahead of the material and appliances with which they are […] 

What if? The Movie

And for those of you who don’t like movies you can view the slideshow below instead.  

Danger! Love of Learning alert!

Tech director Davis Held sent us all a great directory of free online resources for making stuff. So how could I resist? Danger! Education down the Drain is my first effort. Turn up your volume and watch this brief video. […] 

A Day in the Life of PDS

Great student made video. Thanks Ava!  

Why PDS? A Lower School Parent Writes …

If you’re thinking about Loving Learning and what all that emerging, integrated and experiential curriculum looks like in the real classroom here’s what a  fifth grade parent shared on her Facebook page. It is reproduced here with her permission: A […] 

Loving Learning: Thank You Tom Little

Tom Little’s lifelong passion for progressive education emerged directly from his experience with its antithesis. I was six years old, and the youngest of six children, when I lost my father to cancer. On the day after his funeral, I […] 

Surprise! Deep Learning and Democracy

There’s solid evidence that American students do well when they are encouraged to think for themselves and expected to collaborate with one another. There’s a great Opinion piece by David L. Kirp* in the NY Times today: Make School a […] 

Alfie Kohn is coming to Poughkeepsie Day School

Alfie Kohn is coming on April 25th. Just look at the great header Christina Powers created to herald the news: Go here for more information and to reserve your seat In association with Vassar College and Oakwood Friends School Alfie […] 

The Perils of Education

What is more discouraging in history than the way in which, again and again, the human spirit is freed from its shackles only to be more tightly bound by its liberators?         – Opening sentence of The Technique […] 

“We are not teaching our children … what they need to know.”

The world is moving at a tremendous rate; no one knows where. We must prepare our children not for the world of the past, not for our world, but for their world. The world of the future.    –  John Dewey I […] 

Cookie Cutter Kids: “Send us your winners…”

…and we’ll make winners out of them” There’s a good article in the latest edition of Independent School magazine that challenges some cherished notions of excellence and the hypocrisy of so many claims about diversity, equity and justice. It is […] 

Designing OPuS: A Walkthrough with Fred Bartels

Embracing Innovation Conference Presentation Another learning Odyssey about the design development of OPuS (Online Progressive unSchool)  posted by Fred Bartels These are the slides to the talk he gave at Embracing Innovation 11 at PDS last Friday. You can follow the […] 

What is Education?

What’s your answer? Take a look at this one delivered by a five year old. Freebrook Academy founded by a PDS alum Monique Scott and open for students in September.  

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