Time to Make it Happen

I did not attend the NAIS Annual Conference this year – first time for many years – so I don’t have any takeaways to report like Grant Lichtman. But I was in Baltimore for an ICG (Independent Curriculum Group) board […] 

Two Cheers for Diversity and the Unfinished Work of America: Stronger Together

The NAIS Annual People Of Color Conference opens this week in Atlanta. It will draw independent educators from across the country. They will gather in groups small and large; renew friendships and make new connections; listen to speakers and attend, participate in, […] 

Ten Heads, Ten Years, Ten Lessons and some Clickbait

The official title was Ten Heads, Ten Years, Ten Lessons: INH Class Members of ’06 Tell Their Tales INH – meaning Institute for New Heads run by NAIS that year in Washington, DC. Fast forward to 2016 and John Huber had […] 

Bryan Stevenson at NAIS: Beat the Drum for Justice

Human apathy is the greatest calamity of all. I have heard many extraordinary presentations and speeches at NAIS Annual Conferences over the years. None has had the impact of Bryan Stevenson. I was one of perhaps 6.000 plus educators who […] 

The Future of Education

Panel on the Future of Education from the NAIS Annual Conference, Boston 2015. With college presidents Rebecca Chopp, Nan Keohane, Paul LeBlanc and Pamela Gunter-Smith Moderated by NAIS President, John E. Chubb Featured photocredit: Dana Critchlow  

The Essential Capacities

I’m not sure when PDS became a member of NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) but it was a long time ago. A few years back they published their  short and quite excellent wonderful online  A Guide to Becoming a […] 

Leadership in a VUCA World That’s Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous

John Maeda is the keynote speaker at #naisac this week and I’m looking forward to hearing him. He just shared this leadership chart and Linked-In article via Twitter and he “hopes it’s useful.” I think it is. And interesting. Interesting […] 

Ride the Tiger: Design the Revolution

I’m looking forward to the NAIS Annual Conference- #naisac15 – this year – assuming of course that Boston can dig its way out of all the snow. The theme is appealing:  “Design the Revolution”.  It’s a slogan that manages to […] 

Toot your Trumpet: the NAIS Inspiration Lab

So easy to toot your own horn these days. The harder thing is to cut through the cacophony and have others hear the tuneful joyful noise! I’m enjoying the new Inspiration Lab from NAIS designed to allow member schools to highlight […] 

The Future of Schools: The Third Revolution and The Great Disruption

“The Great Disruption: Technology and the Future of Schools” The latest issue of Independent School magazine is out and it’s a good one. Among many good articles there is this from retiring NAIS president Pat Bassett: The Third Great American […] 

Darkness and Light

What 60 schools can tell us about teaching 21st century skills. Here’s the TEDx Denver version of the talk Grant Lichtman gave at #naisac13 in Philadelphia. I take my title from an extraordinary compliment that Grant paid Poughkeepsie Day School on his blog […] 

“We are not teaching our children … what they need to know.”

The world is moving at a tremendous rate; no one knows where. We must prepare our children not for the world of the past, not for our world, but for their world. The world of the future.    –  John Dewey I […] 

Occupy Education: The Revolution Starts Now

As always, lots of good stuff in the latest edition of Independent School, the quarterly magazine from NAIS. And those who hold rather outdated notions of independent schools as universal staunch defenders of tradition and the home of the status […] 

Monumental Opportunities

So here I am at the NAIS annual conference – where it is sunny and balmy- ready to engage in the monumental opportunities of listening to and talking to strangers. They won’t all be strangers though and it will undoubtedly […] 

The Spreadsheet Solution

The NYSAIS heads conference is always valuable and 2010 was no exception. I usually hear NAIS president Pat Bassett in a mega ballroom with all the flashing lights and hoopla of the annual conference. It was good to hear him […] 

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