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Violin Vinyasa Yoga for PDS Parents

“Violin Vinyasa Yoga,” an after-school enrichment program FOR PDS PARENTS begins on January 21. Violin Vinyasa Yoga is for yoga lovers of all levels of experience. The focus of this class a natural flow from pose to pose initiated by […] 

Beneath the Surface: The Hokey-Pokey and Jump Jim Joe

Most Wednesday mornings the lower school assembles in the Chapman Room and parents are welcome.  It’s usually a showcase for the work of the classroom and often includes the opportunity to sing. First the Hokey-Pokey On a recent Wednesday a […] 

Celebrating the Chinese New Year

Students create and lead school Spring Festival assembly and all-school activity to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  

Mozart on Fire: The Ruben’s Tube UPDATE

Look at what happens when Mozart catches fire! What I love most about the video is their reactions. And the physics of course. The story of the experiment was first posted in February, 2010. Preston and Jake continued their research […] 

“We come to school to sing in the choir”

We come to school to sing in the choir – meaning to be together in real space and time to do something together. The idea still holds. But maybe it’s time to revise the metaphor. Take a look  at  and […] 

The Unconcert and the Unconference

Inuksuit is inspired by the stone sentinels constructed over the centuries by the Inuit in the windswept expanses of the Arctic. The Inuktitut word translates literally “to act in the capacity of the human”. This work is haunted by the […] 

Pete Seeger and A Hudson River Journey

Pete Seeger came to PDS yesterday. He came for the lower school musical – an original production on a subject dear to his heart – the magnificent Hudson River for which he has done so much. The show – A […] 

You Want To Change Behavior? Make It Fun

Education is all about change. And fun makes it so much more effective. Here’s a great example from Stockholm – sent to me by a parent.  

Music and Arts lag. Can poetry be far behind?

This week in the NYTimes – news of a rather discouraging report about music and arts education across the US. And even the test sample was smaller. In the test, formally known as the National Assessment of Educational Progress in […] 

What a Concert!

Last fall Gabe (’11) made a  Intensive Studies project proposal to Liz. It involved composing music, delving into theory,  harmony, transcription and improvisation. With the full support of the school and his music teachers, Gabe took the project on and […] 

The Pirates of Penzance

A hearing mistake  means a boy indentured to a pirate not a ship’s pilot. Pirate or pilot, orphan or  often — the problem’s in the pronunciation. And so the bumbling misadventures begin – musical muddles that only the name of […] 

Winter Recital

Great Winter Recital on Thursday with music from J.S. Bach to James Taylor via Debussy and Charlie Parker along with some original compositions. Wonderful performances from students of all ages in all three divisions. Thank-you musicians for an outstanding evening […] 

“It was awesome and totally rocked!”

“It was awesome and totally rocked!” – that was the verdict of one member of the 3rd/4th grade chorus who sang at the Market Street branch of TDBanknorth in Poughkeepsie last Saturday. They were there for the official tree-lighting. They […] 

Any Relevance for Education?

“We used to fool ourselves…We used to think our content was perfect just exactly as it was. We expected our business would remain blissfully unaffected even as the world of interactivity, constant connection and file sharing was exploding. And of […] 

Teachers at Work: Making Eyes Shine

Is classical music dead? Or does everyone love classical music? Does it matter what we say? What does it mean to play the piano with one buttock? Is anyone actually tone deaf? What is success? Can your life be transformed? […] 

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