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Poem [Lana Turner has collapsed!]

There’s a story behind every poem. There’s always a story. And the story behind this one is that the poet – Frank O’Hara –  was on his way  to Staten Island where he was to give a reading with Robert Lowell […] 

Born to Explore: Nine things we need to know about the brain

In his new book, psychologist Louis Cozolino applies the lessons of social neuroscience to the classroom. And here are his head (!) lines excerpted from The Social Neuroscience of Education: Optimizing Attachment and Learning in the Classroom The human brain wasn’t designed for industrial education. […] 

More Failing, Fewer Failures, Greater Success

The November Educational Leadership is devoted to the topic of grading. It includes an article by Alfie Kohn an expanded version of which you can read here: The Case Against Grades. I’ve given grades. For years I worried about how […] 

The Happy Factor and the Dismal World of Work

Do Happier Students Work Harder? When PDS high school students took the HSSSE (High School Survey of Student engagement) the results were astonishing. They outperformed their peers in other schools across the spectrum. Our students reported high levels of involvement, […] 

“Knowledge not purchased by the loss of power!”

Children: How will they ever know who they are? The question is the last line of  “The Things we Steal from Children” by Dr. John Edwards. You can read the whole below. I found it via Leading and Learning – […] 

Motivation with Cushman, Pink, Kohn and Schrute

Two of my favorite  education videos in 2010 have to do with motivation. In this first one, Stanley schools Dwight in “The Office” with commentary from Alfie Kohn. And in this one, those wonderful animators at the RSA deliver the […] 

Connect Joy to Learning

I  rewrote Seth Godin’s blog entry for today: Organizing for joy. I hope he doesn’t mind. The word “joy” made it irresistible. Traditional schools, particularly large-scale high schools, are organized for efficiency. Or consistency. But not joy. Traditional schools crank […] 

The fire within

“To succeed…it’s the fire within that must be lit.” Purpose, mastery, autonomy (mission not money as motivation.) Watch the video and then think of the implications for school. What do we reward students for doing?  

The Carrot and the Cattleprod

Many years ago I wrote an article with the title The Carrot and the Cattleprod.  It’s so long ago that although I wrote it on a word processor I no longer have an electronic copy.  It’s buried and yellowing deep […] 

Born to help

Turns out that we may be hard wired to co-operate and help out. And this behavior occurs in children before, and in the absence of, specific training and in babies as early as  twelve months. Biologists are concluding that even […] 

Locked out of Learning

When I’m in the car I listen to WAMC, and yesterday I heard Roland Fryer’s Dowmel lecture. His specialty is race-based economic issues, and his research projects seek to answer the question of why African-Americans are harder hit by poverty […] 

Dangerous Praise

Good reminder about how not to praise from Stephen Currie in a recent post to the PDS Math Guy Blog. It’s all to do with the effort effect and how to talk to kids about their work. Researcher Carol Dweck’s […] 

And the geeks should inherit the school….

Great essay by Daniel Roth in Wired magazine about “geeks” and school. Some extracts: “The driving force in the life of a child, starting much earlier than it used to be, is to be cool, to fit in,”….”And pretty universally, […] 

Cashing in

I caught this Lehrer Newshour segment on cash payments for learning –  one of the latest in a series of appalling ideas spawned by testing mania. Surprise: A startling effect- the cash  only made things worse. Watch the video and […] 

Stop Praising Students

There’s a good article in the latest Educational Leadership: “The Perils and Promise of Praise”. It’s by Carol Dweck. The wrong kind of praise creates self-defeating behavior. The right kind motivates students to learn. We often hear these days that […] 

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