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Out and About

We had some glorious fall days last week (as well as some much-needed rain).  It was perfect weather for the soccer and cross-country teams. I took advantage of the sunshine to visit the lower school at recess. Plans were being made, […] 

Middle School Learning Community

How we took four classrooms and a corridor and created a contemporary learning space for the middle school in the summer of 2012. Watch the short video. And then look for the pics of the new space with the sliding […] 

The One Cool Thing

I had the privilege last week of working with a great bunch of educators at the NYSAIS Think Tank at the Carey Conference Center in Rensselaerville, NY. The location was perfect, the company inspiring and the work energizing. And facilitator […] 

Learning and Design: “The classroom is obsolete”

The classroom is obsolete: it’s time for something new – said Prakash Nair in Education Week. last July. And that’s not just his opinion he says.  “It’s established science.” The classroom is a relic, left over from the Industrial Revolution, […] 

Middle School Imagination Day

Middle School Imagination Day 2012: Everything from Arabic to origami – thirty middle school students sharing their expertise and teaching their peers. For more on Imagination Day check out Shirley’s post from last year: Let the kids rule the school…We […] 

Let the kids rule the school…We just did that

Written by Shirley Rinaldi. Cross-posted from Talking the Tech Walk This week I realized that sometimes things just seem to fall into place and are meant to happen. This was the case with a new project that we tried in […] 

“Can we have a bake sale?”

“George, can we have a bake sale?” That was Wednesday last week, in the hallway, right at the start of school. And this afternoon we wired a check for $1124 to the Red Cross. It’s over a week now since […] 

Butterfly Waystation

The sixth grade began planning this in science class in the fall when the monarchs stop by PDS on their migration south. They located at area on campus that was already wild, got permission and then planned how to add […] 

The Pirates of Penzance

A hearing mistake  means a boy indentured to a pirate not a ship’s pilot. Pirate or pilot, orphan or  often — the problem’s in the pronunciation. And so the bumbling misadventures begin – musical muddles that only the name of […] 

Political Posters from the Middle School


PDS for Peace

It was International Day of Peace last Sunday and today the middle school assembled on the soccer pitch and formed a human peace symbol The idea for this event came from a 5th grader who wanted to send a symbolic […] 

Never too late

Photo courtesy of Mimika Hyman It’s never too late to post a great photo of the cast of the middle school 5th/6th grade production of Arabian Nights seen on the stage of the JEJ Theater this spring. Congratulations everyone!.  

The pH rises … Science Symposium 08

The pH rises and the bubbles stream out; pop, From the misty stream. The water running and the fish swimming wildly from the broken dam A single river peacefully and calmly Over the rock’s rage Bubbling test tubes Images of […] 

King Kong meets Mosca Humana – the human fly

King Kong meets Mosca Humana – the human fly. Well – they don’t quite meet as they are in different plays. It was the 7th and 8th grade Scene night: Eight new student plays. King Kong on trial, pirates in […] 

My Life as the Ink Monitor and How Not to Introduce 1:1 Laptops

Technology is always disruptive. Think of the introduction of the printing press, or the combine harvester, or the mechanical looms that destroyed a way of life for cottage industry weavers. Some of them took to frame breaking and gave us […] 

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