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Choosing books by the cover

I once worked in a school where the librarian arranged the non-fiction by the color of the spine. It made for some serendipitous browsing. He was a friendly fellow with a big bushy beard, a scholarly demeanor and who claimed […] 

Mockingbirds on Trial

I haven’t read Go Set a Watchman and I’m not sure I will. I did read the first chapter in The Guardian and was not particularly impressed. If Harper Lee did not want it published then she didn’t want it […] 

Explorers and Navigators

Science teacher Jonathan Heiles sent a link to all of us about the international public campaign to name the surface features of Pluto and Charon. NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft will fly past Pluto in July and that far off world […] 

Paper Cuts: Josh at the Sewing Machine

The first day of alleged spring and another day disrupted by the rituals and routines of early dismissal. By  mid afternoon the buses had come and gone and all after-school activities and athletic practices cancelled. Students and faculty had wisely […] 

T.S.Eliot – the app for that

T.S.Eliot worked for Faber and now they have published an app for The Wasteland. Is this the future of English studies? Imagine what a great project it would be for a class to create the app for a work of […] 

The little bit of ivory and the traditional virtue of the exquisite tweet

How long does this have to be? Should we teach to the text (message)? Forget about the five paragraph essay, what about the five (abbreviated) word text and the exquisite tweet? Lots of commentary about a recent article with follow-up  […] 

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