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“I am not a scientist”

I’m tired of the weasel-worded politicians who trot out “I am not a scientist” when asked a rational question that has the potential to challenge a deeply held, irrational, ignorant ideology. When the threat of  a shred of reality, logic, […] 

Simple ideas: Education’s only purpose and one true test

Is the only true purpose of education to help children stay learners for life? To learn how to learn? I was going to use the word “become” instead of “stay” but we all know that children arrive at school as […] 

Digital literacy across the curriculum

It’s not about the tools and the testing, it’s about the learning and the thinking. Digital literacy is an important entitlement for all young people in an increasingly digital culture. Every school should have an organized policy for language across […] 

The new literacy ladder. What rung are you on?

The world is moving at a tremendous rate. Going no one knows where. We must prepare our children, not for the world of the past. Not for our world. But for their world. The world of the future.  – John […] 

Seven Suggestions for Messy Times

This morning’s presenter at NYSAIS – Mark Hurst – author of Bit Literacy And here they are: the techniques to liberate ourselves from enslaving technologies: 1. Empty your inbox every day. And he promises this is doable and easy. Delete, […] 

Teen Time Online: An interesting study

A high school parent writes: I think we knew this already (“study shows teens’ use of digital media show that America’s youth are developing important social and technical skills online – often in ways adults do not understand or value”) […] 

“…larnin’.” It’s the key that opens all doors.”

William Woodruff died this week. He  was a professor of world history best known perhaps for his autobiographical works. He discovered a love of learning as a young adult and found his way to Oxford and a life in academia on three continents. […] 

An Amazing New Periodic Table

Take a look at this fantastic tool. How many of these skills do you have at your mousetip? Since 1996 I’ve worked in schools where laptops are ubiquitous for older students. Back in that day we had lots of conversations […] 

Are you digitally literate?

Doug Belshaw has been working on what it means. What’s your version of digital literacy?  

Social Networking and Education

“Social Networking: does it bring positive change to education?” This is one of the questions posed by The Economist magazine. Here is a link if you have a view, or if you want to understand more about the issues, or […] 

Change Again

Within the past 50 years, we’ve seen our country move from an industrial economy to an information-based economy. Now, early in the 21st century, it appears we are shifting to an innovation-based economy, one that requires what the psychologist Robert […] 

My Life as the Ink Monitor and How Not to Introduce 1:1 Laptops

Technology is always disruptive. Think of the introduction of the printing press, or the combine harvester, or the mechanical looms that destroyed a way of life for cottage industry weavers. Some of them took to frame breaking and gave us […] 

GHOTI spells “fish” of course, Everyone Knows That!

George Bernard Shaw was a great proponent of English spelling reform. Here is an example he used to illustrate the absurdity of some English spelling and pronunciation. Using familiar pronunciations here is how the letters GHOTI spell “fish”: GH as […] 

GHOTI spells what?

Quick, quick! – spell “yacht” New research on spelling and the brain English spelling and pronunciation are renowned for complexity and quirks. Spelling still matters and we all know how computer spell checkers can mislead**. So what goes on in […] 

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