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In Parenthesis: Part 1

This writing has to do with some things I saw, felt and was part of. The period covered begins in early December 1915 and ends in July 1916. – David Jones, in the preface to In Parenthesis 1937 In Parenthesis […] 

Appeal to the Grammarians

The temperature’s rising. Time to think about eating outside and settling in at a sidewalk cafe to watch the world go by. But beware! Dangers lurk everywhere and we need new punctuation to express our outraged reaction to a whole […] 

The #Resistance is #TheMajority

One of the great pleasures of the age of instant and ubiquitous access to information is being able to re-connect with thinkers you once read but have lost touch with. Instead of remaining that-person-who-wrote-that-book-you-liked it’s possible to continue the connection […] 

The Double-Down False Equivalency of the Eviscerated Dog Whistle Pivot

Every election cycle has its themes and a language all its own. Words and phrases rise up to capture the attention of the moment. Here are a few from this season. Doubling Down This comes from the world of gambling […] 

Insult and Injury

by Charley-Chartwell. Always useful to have some Shakespearean insults on hand. From – Visually.  

Creatives v. The Rest Of Us

I like the work of the RSA very much and enjoy their articles, posts and animations. But their continued use of the noun “creatives” is becoming wearing. Here’s the latest: Street based business training for young creatives When I hear or […] 

A is for…A Poughkeepsie Day School Lexicon

A is for Algebra, Anthropology, Arts and Athletics. We teach them all. People often refer to the STEM curriculum (It’s an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Our program however, is fully SEARCHED (Science, Engineering, Arts, Recess, Community Service, Humanities, […] 

From the silo to the beach

In the conversations at this year’s NYSAIS think tank (Twitter hashtag #NYSAIStt11) the language we use has not been the primary focus. It has, however, had a cameo role as we take a second and passing look at the labels […] 

Digital literacy across the curriculum

It’s not about the tools and the testing, it’s about the learning and the thinking. Digital literacy is an important entitlement for all young people in an increasingly digital culture. Every school should have an organized policy for language across […] 

Truthy quotes: The best and the bogus

A good quotation is like the perfect tweet – short, pithy, memorable, wise and wonderful. The the tip of an iceberg of meaning it captures something much bigger than itself with a few well chosen words in the right order. […] 

Dangerous Praise

Good reminder about how not to praise from Stephen Currie in a recent post to the PDS Math Guy Blog. It’s all to do with the effort effect and how to talk to kids about their work. Researcher Carol Dweck’s […] 

Good news for wool gatherers

A wandering mind heads toward insight WSJ article  reports on findings that suggest: …our brain may be most actively engaged when our mind is wandering and we’ve actually lost track of our thoughts, a new brain-scanning study suggests. “Solving a […] 

Stephen Colbert hears the Mermaids

What’s the difference between a metaphor and lying? With a president who reads Derek Walcott and quotes June Jordan it’s good to have comedians at home with T.S.Eliot. This week inaugural poet Elizabeth Alexander explained metaphor to Stephen on The […] 

False Promise: The Ersatz Language of School Reform

An article by Alfie Kohn in The Nation is a timely reminder of how language is so easily co-opted to mean quite the reverse of the usual understanding.  The polluters bring us “Clear Skies” and the armaments industry brings us […] 

What’s your favorite word?

What’s your favorite word and is it in this dictionary yet?  If not, then consider making a personal contribution. Meanwhile – take a look, see and listen to the contributions so far in Wordia And don’t worry – there are […] 

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