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Creatives v. The Rest Of Us

I like the work of the RSA very much and enjoy their articles, posts and animations. But their continued use of the noun “creatives” is becoming wearing. Here’s the latest: Street based business training for young creatives When I hear or […] 

Connecting the Dots: Innovation in the Knowledge Age

Connecting the Dots: Becoming a Knowledge Age Innovator Interesting 2009 short article by Deborah Westphal of Toffler Associates Key points include: Innovation is essential to the long-term success of every organization. But innovation isn’t what it used to be. Discovery doesn’t occur […] 

The IBM Selectric Typewriter and Kenyon House: “You must have been drunk!”

Cross-posted from Josie’s Blog Did you know that Poughkeepsie Day School now has a Fab Lab? It’s short for fabrication laboratory – a place where people tinker, design, code, create, re-purpose, mess about, invent, make  and play with stuff. It’s […] 

Why School? Why PDS?

We are at the beginning of a period of focused strategic thinking at school and the Board of Trustees has convened a planning group to lead the process. One of the ways I have been preparing for this has been […] 

“Not where the light is”: Schools and Creativity

There’s a really useful article in  Education Week that reviews, summarizes and connects the basic thinking and research out there on what helps promote creativity and helps children incubate the curiosity that leads to innovation, discovery and invention. There’s little […] 

The Race to the Bottom: What can schools do now?

The future is based on impromptu innovation, inspiration and connections – that’s a paraphrase from Seth Godin’s blog today and I urge you to read it: The forever recession (and the coming revolution). And when you have ask this question: […] 

Learning in a Networked World with Will Richardson

Will Richardson was our keynote speaker at Friday’s Embracing Innovation Conference at PDS. Click the pic to see the slides of his presentation. “Now I get it!” Conference participant. “You can’t bubble in the answers to life’s great questions.” PDS […] 

Designing OPuS: A Walkthrough with Fred Bartels

Embracing Innovation Conference Presentation Another learning Odyssey about the design development of OPuS (Online Progressive unSchool)  posted by Fred Bartels These are the slides to the talk he gave at Embracing Innovation 11 at PDS last Friday. You can follow the […] 

Embracing Innovation in a Time of Disruptive Change

The Independent Curriculum Group and Poughkeepsie Day School Present Embracing Innovation in a Time of Disruptive Change Poughkeepsie Day School Friday, April 15, 2011 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Poughkeepsie Day School and the Independent Curriculum Group cordially invite you to Embracing […] 

Failing is essential

The ratio between success and failure remains pretty constant. To succeed means we must fail. And the more often we fail the more we succeed. The key is to fail frequently and fail fast. Then move on and try something […] 

Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns

Listen to this podcast interview with Clayton Christensen – one of the authors of Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns – A crash course in the business of learning-from the bestselling author of The […] 

“Innovation is a team sport”

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” — Japanese proverb There’s brainpower in numbers.  But you don’t get there by brainstorming. Read more at NYTimes Unboxed  

Slow Food, Slow School: John Cleese and the Promise of the Tortoise Brain

There’s a slow food movement so why not a slow mind movement? Some years ago Guy Claxton wrote Hare Brain, Tortoise Mind: How Intelligence Increases When You Think Less. It made a compelling argument that the mind works best when […] 

If you have a problem … ask everyone

Did you catch this NYTimes article on open-source science and seeking collaborative solutions to new challenges? “If You Have a Problem, Ask Everyone”. The process, according to John Seely Brown, a theorist of information technology and former director of the […] 

How the Arts Deepen Student Thinking

There was a great article in last week’s Boston Globe. The authors – Ellen Winner and Lois Hetland – dismiss the idea that arts education produces higher test scores. While it’s true, they say, that students who are involved in […] 

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