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Why are we doing this to our children?

Here is child psychologist Dr. Megan Koschnick on why Early Childhood Standards of Common Core are Developmentally Inappropriate. This is her presentation from a 2013  conference at the University of Notre Dame entitled “The Changing Role of Education in America: Consequences […] 

Global Studies and Math Count

Dropped by the prek-k last week and found them deep in a pattern block exercise (well it actually felt like a game) with the help of their teachers Amy and Judy plus the PDS math guy Stephen Currie. And then […] 

What can’t textbooks teach?

A few years ago Ken Robinson urged us to bring on the learning revolution. Well some took him seriously. The people behind 21 Toys for example. They have developed toys for elementary school and corporate retreats and everywhere in between: Toys as […] 

The Farm that Kindergarten Built

An early morning visit to the kindergarten on Friday was a chance for a guided tour of the farm. It’s a magnificent project now complete – a capstone to a year of exploration, research, discovery and creation. And the children […] 

All this change ….

For adults like me who work in schools September means being confronted with a world of change.  There are new faces of course, and names to learn. There are new courses, fresh paint on the walls and sometimes new structures […] 

Childhood Is Another Country: Children Are Not Miniature Adults

Childhood is another country: they do things differently there.* Great researchers and thinkers about education (think Froebel, Piaget, Vygotsky and so many others) have always known that children are not miniature adults. Their work demonstrates basic truths about childhood development: […] 

Stand back, Hats on: Kindergarten at work

Every year there are new hats on the shelf in the kindergarten. Every year there are so many opportunities for kindergartners to try on new roles and responsibilities. Kindergarten is known as the age of industry for a reason: Make […] 

Life on the Farm

Learning about Sprout Creek Farm is a big part of the kindergarten curriculum but what exactly are they learning?  Readers of this blog know I am a  supporter of all things kindergarten but some things just go too far. Take […] 

Everyone is cranky

A school in May is like a two year old deprived of a nap.  That’s how my colleague Liz describes it. Everyone is stressed out, too busy and cranky. The weather is unpredictable with storms and frost one moment and […] 

State of Play

So the debate on the purpose of play in early childhood simmers on. It popped up on my Facebook page yesterday with this from the ASCD: Play is problem solving That then led me to the The Playtime’s the Thing […] 

Testing Madness on the Race to Nowhere

A colleague at a nearby school sent me this link to the NYTimes – just the latest bulletin from a world gone mad with narrow definitions of achievement and success. Test prep for pre-school no less. And a real moneymaker […] 

Student Conflict Resolution: The 30 second solution

“I want the bike,” “No. You can’t have it.” A problem negotiated and solved. Friendship maintained, feelings expressed and managed, resource shared, compromise reached, peace maintained, fairness asserted, inequality addressed and crisis averted. All in less than thirty seconds. I […] 

Building? The Kindergarten is Ready

Found in the kindergarten classroom yesterday – the hard hats lined up in the block building area ready for the work to begin Construction? No problem. And for kicking back after a tough day of hard work, or maybe taking […] 

Blocked: Did Kindergarten Invent Modernism?

The maple wood blocks . . . are in my fingers to this day. – Frank Lloyd Wright I have recently rekindled my interest in the work of Friedrich Froebel – the educational pioneer often recognized as the inventor/ creator […] 

Kindergarten Collectors

It was part of a math number and counting project and then both kindergarten classes brought in their personal collections to share. Glass beads, shells, coins, cards, model cars, photos of India, quarters and stamps. And the stamps included this […] 

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