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Pandora and Her New Box

This 1809 cartoon by the political caricaturist James Gillray is in the National Portrait Gallery. London. It is entitled Pandora Opening her Box. It depicts spokesperson Kellyanne Conway letting loose all the evils of the world as proposed by the […] 

Leadership, Problem-Solving, Compassion and Empathy

As Donald Trump spirals deeper into madness and depravity the toll on the collective psyche just grows. Fortunately help is at hand in the form of the example of Hillary Clinton who recently demonstrated her tremendous problem-solving and self-calming abilities. […] 

The Double-Down False Equivalency of the Eviscerated Dog Whistle Pivot

Every election cycle has its themes and a language all its own. Words and phrases rise up to capture the attention of the moment. Here are a few from this season. Doubling Down This comes from the world of gambling […] 

Keep Calm – Hillary Has the Hot Sauce

Sometimes things just get too delicious. Here’s how #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner met #HillaryHastheHotSauce First there was the incomparable Joy Reid interviewing a hapless Trump surrogate. Then along came Twitter with the hashtag: #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner Twitter was alight with gleeful responses. Here was my contribution. […] 

Ten Heads, Ten Years, Ten Lessons and some Clickbait

The official title was Ten Heads, Ten Years, Ten Lessons: INH Class Members of ’06 Tell Their Tales INH – meaning Institute for New Heads run by NAIS that year in Washington, DC. Fast forward to 2016 and John Huber had […] 

How to Run a Meeting Badly: Advice from an Expert

A few tips storified from an #ISEDchat courtesy of @LaneYoung. This is by no means a complete list of course. There are many more but here a few basics for beginners. And, while others may find this a laughing matter: […] 

Must watch: Test Mania with John Oliver


Can you read?

Here’s a story from the end of last year that I forgot to post. What does this say? And because this is the age of statistical analysis and big data the results were collected and charted. And was I one […] 

The Chronicles of Grit

I’ve been researching grit – the way one does on a snowy day. In the process I discovered an Australian newspaper archive with tens of thousand of instructive stories about grit and who has it. It seems grit frenzy has […] 

Change hits Welcome Back to School

This cartoon is making the rounds this morning:  Reminds me of those words often claimed to be either a Chinese and Hebrew proverb: Do not confine your children to your own learning, for they were born in another time. And […] 

Save Butterscotch Pony

View “Save Butterscotch Pony” on Storify  

The little bit of ivory and the traditional virtue of the exquisite tweet

How long does this have to be? Should we teach to the text (message)? Forget about the five paragraph essay, what about the five (abbreviated) word text and the exquisite tweet? Lots of commentary about a recent article with follow-up  […] 

Motivation with Cushman, Pink, Kohn and Schrute

Two of my favorite  education videos in 2010 have to do with motivation. In this first one, Stanley schools Dwight in “The Office” with commentary from Alfie Kohn. And in this one, those wonderful animators at the RSA deliver the […] 

Life on the Farm

Learning about Sprout Creek Farm is a big part of the kindergarten curriculum but what exactly are they learning?  Readers of this blog know I am a  supporter of all things kindergarten but some things just go too far. Take […] 

The wild front ear

If blogging is supposed to have an element of timeliness then  I have given up on that ideal.  After all – I am still writing about stuff from the NAIS annual conference  in February. Fess Parker died in March and […] 

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