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Edcamp Hudson Valley: It’s back so Save the date

Edcamp is back at Poughkeepsie Day School this August and we are delighted to be the hosts. Edcamps are just about the best possible professional development for teachers: Just-in-time, self directed, needs-and interests-based. just-in-time sharing and collaboration. And a terrific […] 

Before Endeavors Melt

It’s been a cold winter here in the Hudson Valley.  Poughkeepsie records only go back to 1949  but this February was the coldest with a whopping 12.7 degrees below average temperature.  And then March came in like the proverbial lion […] 

Three cheers for EdCamp Hudson Valley

There are lots of reasons to be concerned about the digital revolution and its impact on our lives, the lives of our students and schools. And there’s no shortage of voices raising the alarm. Here’s a small flavorsome slice of […] 

Pete Seeger and A Hudson River Journey

Pete Seeger came to PDS yesterday. He came for the lower school musical – an original production on a subject dear to his heart – the magnificent Hudson River for which he has done so much. The show – A […] 

With the Guns

With school closed for the day there was time for a walk. Buttercup Farm Sanctuary off Route 82 just north of Stanfordville has one path that tracks along Wappingers Creek as it runs down from the head waters at Thompson […] 

Early One Morning

A bird  the color of a stop sign. High on a tree at the Buttercup Farm Sanctuary.  A scarlet tanager. My first sighting.  A black winged red bird. Tree swallows swooping, the insistent chipping of an elusive flycatcher and  the […] 

“Suddenly there’s Poughkeepsie”

Suddenly there’s Poughkeepsie what a hard time the Hudson River has had trying to get to the sea it seemed easy enough to rise out of Tear of the Cloud and tumble and run in little skips and jumps   draining […] 

Action Now

In his talk yesterday, Bruce Judson made reference to the first 100 days of the Roosevelt administration.  As now, there was a deep financial crisis. As now, there was no one clear path to follow.  But doing nothing was not […] 

The View from the Top

Among the many excellent things about working at Poughkeepsie Day School and living in the mid-Hudson Valley is that you are never far from so many places of great natural beauty. It’s fall and the trees are ablaze with color. […] 

The Effort Effect: The Audacity of High Hopes

The effort effect on display at Buttercup Farm Nature Reserve, near Poughkeepsie. See below for a photo of the dam. Intelligence is not fixed. It is it is learnable and teachable. It can be changed. The way we approach learning […] 

So much to do

“You must do the things you think you cannot do” Stone Cottage One of the great things about Poughkeepsie is that you are always in striking distance of so many places to visit and things to do. One of them […] 

The Weekend

The view from Huckleberry Point in the Platte Clove Preserve just before the rainstorm. Saturday June 17th …and along the Harlem Valley Rail Trail Sunday June 18th.  

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